It’s out!

Sun Falls Press is pleased to announce the release of its first publication, James Maybe Issue 1: The Four Elements. The story follows James Maybe as he wanders around Toronto, interacting with store clerks, street vendors and the homeless. Throughout his journey, James engages in intricate and thoughtful commentary as he tries to unravel the unexpected peculiarities in his life and the world around him. With humor and insight, he shares his perspective on relationships, education, art, gambling, risk, and the lure of the extreme.

The comic juxtaposes images, narration, and dialogue in complex and often humorous ways. Each 2-page spread is its own themed document. James takes readers on a multi-layered adventure that appears completely transparent and pedestrian, while hiding in plain sight his exotic reconnaissance mission. The title is an allusion to lowbrow artist Mark Ryden’s most compelling work, “The Four Elements.” References to the works of Ryden and other artists are scattered throughout the issue.

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